Vertex Soft is a software development and maintenance service providing company.

There is no unlimited time or budget allocated for a single project. A Project fails when any of either Time or Budget exceeds estimated values and client is not willing to extend any of both. We help our clients to deliver their software projects/solutions within their Time and Budget.

Our portfolio is full of successfully delivered projects.

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The Human Resources of Vertex Soft work with heterogeneous organizations to develop and maintain their software. We meet tough deadlines of software development and increase delivery capabilities and reduce the cost of development. We provide the services of Human Resources (IT Professionals) in all major technologies of programming. We are providing the services of our Business Intelligence experts to the organizations to develop Analytics Systems for their organizations to get interactive insights on the trends of their organizational data and even intelligence to optimize their business. We provide Web Application Development services. We provide Android Native Application Development Services. We provide IOS Native Application Development Services. We provide AMI Cloud Service for Smart Energy Meters (AMR).

Latest Success Story

We have successfully developed and delivered AMI Cloud Service for Vertex Electronics. It was a giant project which started from communication of Server with the energy meter using DLMS / COSEM standards and it was included Web Interface, Web Services exposed to outer world, Business Intelligence and Mobile Native Apps. We successfully meet the time, quality and budget constraints of the projects. They key factors in our success were following:
1). A Dedicated Team comprised of heterogeneous skills from Development, Research to Project Management. In our team we prefer highly skilled, talented, competent, expert and specialized professionals of the leading universities of Pakistan.
2). Choosing latest technologies which were efficient, time saving and cost efficient.
3). Choosing Agile / SCRUM model for development and by defining multiple deadlines, biweekly deadlines for client and daily SCRUM meeting with the team.
4). Overcoming communication barriers within the team and with the client as well.
5). Support of Project Sponsor regarding requirement understanding
6). Peaceful and calm Working environment



Vertix Electronics

Vertex Soft has developed and maintained AMI Cloud Service for our Smart Energy Meters (AMR). They have used all major recent technologies in our project and delivered well in time.



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